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The Ramble Mini Market is a venue designed to host 6 pop-ups on a daily, weekend, or monthly basis. Spaces have carefully been designed to help vendors sell and showcase their work. As the traffic downtown increases on a weekly basis, we want to allow for more exposure and accessibility for small businesses.

The Ramble Mini Market is located directly next door and is connected to our main store: Ramble & Company—822 Indiana AVE, Wichita Falls, Texas 76301. Click below for more information and a map/ directions to our store.

The Ramble Mini Market space has been designed for makers wanting to sell products, artists wanting to showcase their work, small businesses, and food/beverage vendors are also welcome. click below to submit an application to become a mini market vendor.


Are you interested in becoming a vendor?

We allow 6 vendors at a time. We will be offering 3 of those spaces on a month-to-month basis while the other 3 spaces will be available for a single Saturday or for a weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) rate. Please click here for more information on rates and accommodations.


The ramble mini market will have a rotating variety of vendors each month. we are accepting in town and out of town businesses. drop us your email and stay in the loop.

we’ve got you covered. If you have a question, click here. not sure what a pop-up or mini market is? click here. need to know more details on prices? click here.


When preparing for your time at the Ramble Mini Market, we have a few tips that will enable you to be more profitable and allow you get to get the most from your experience. WITH 5+ YEARS IN RETAIL AND CREATING PRODUCTs, RAMBLE & CO. HAS ATTENDED DOZENS OF POP-UPS AND VENDOR FAIRS.