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soft, small batch t-shirts
to inspire + empower


It is our mission to provide courage & comfort through our t-shirts. Each tee is designed with the hope that when you throw on one of our shirts, you’ll go through your day bearing contagious confidence & beauty, and choosing joy in a world that can intimidate us with expectations.

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We believe in intentionality, and in living each day with purpose. We believe in choosing joy when it’s hard, encouraging friendships, & doing our best to be an example to those around us. We are here to equip you & remind you of all that you are capable of to do the same Through our inspirational Tees., Blanc+Blush2017 ©
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our inspiration

we believe in simple living—having less and doing more. We believe in spending time outside, breathing fresh air, working hard, and getting your hands dirty. We believe in being the example for our children, standing upright, and being strong while acting with kindness in all things. We believe in raising our children to have fun, wander, and be adventurous. We believe in being bold and having joy in who you are and where you are. We believe in community and fellowship. We believe in living a life of purpose., Blanc+Blush2017 ©

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