• What is a pop-up event?

A pop-up event is a special gathering where a store or venue hosts a brand and/or business and offers them a space to sell and showcase their products. This is great for brands wanting to expand into a new area. Pop-up events have allowed ramble & company to expand into new markets over the years and have created opportunities to meet new people and potential customers.

  • What is Ramble Mini Market?

Ramble Mini Market is a venue designed to host 6 pop-ups on a daily, weekend, or monthly basis. Spaces have carefully been designed to help vendors sell and showcase their work and/ or products. The display is provided and Ramble & Co. also offers this space to be staffed so you do not have to be present to sell. As the traffic downtown increases on a weekly basis, we wanted to allow more exposure and accessibility for small businesses.

  • Who is the space for?

The Ramble Mini Market space has been designed for makers wanting to sell products, artists wanting to showcase work, small businesses, and food/beverage vendors are also welcome. We also have plans to create events around a certain theme, ex: wedding vendors, workshops, make and takes, etc.

  • How many vendors do you allow?

We allow 6 vendors at a time. We will be offering 3 of those spaces on a month to month basis while the other 3 spaces will be available for a single Saturday or for a weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) rate. Please click here for more information on rates and accommodations.

  • Do you have to be present to sell at the Ramble Mini Market?

If you book the mini market for one day, you have to be present to accept payments for your products. If you book the mini market for the 3 day rate or a full month, you have the option to have ramble & co. accept your payments and stock your space. We are excited to welcome our space to out of town makers and businesses and we have things set up to sell your items for you. From experience with vendor fairs and pop-up markets, it is very important for quality promotion—whether you are able to attend or if you only ship your items to us.

  • If we aren't local, how do we send you our product and who will set it up?

If you are not local to the Wichita Falls area, you have the option to ship your items to our store: Ramble & Company, 822 Indiana Ave. Wichita Falls, Texas 76301. There is a $25 fee for anyone who ships their items to the store for our staff to display for you. Once your rented time is up, we will then gather your items and ship them back to you. Vendor is responsible for all shipping costs to and from our store.

  • How much does it cost to have a pop-up space at Ramble Mini Market?

Please click here for information on pricing and terms of having a space at Ramble Mini Market.

  • Where is the Ramble Mini Market located?

The Ramble Mini Market is located directly next door and connected to our main store: Ramble & Company—822 Indiana ave, Wichita Falls, Texas 76301. Click here for more information and a map/directions to our store.

  • I'm not sure what products to send or bring to the market. do you offer help on styling and product placement?

With 3 1/2 years in retail experience in addition to attending dozens of events (including Silobration and Spring at the Silos at Magnolia in Waco, Texas), Owner of ramble & company, Kathryn Hager, offers consultations for preparing your space at Ramble Mini Market. Rates are $35 per 30 minute session. CLICK HERE for our quick tips on retail and pop-up events.

  • Do we have to provide our own display?

The Ramble Mini Market has carefully designed the entire space to highlight your items. We will provide all displays for your space at the Ramble Mini Market. However, if you feel like the display provided does not work best for your product, you may request to bring your own display. All displays brought in by the vendor must be approved. Images for examples of display can be found here.

  • How big is the space we will have to sell in?

The Ramble Mini Market spaces are set to an 8’ x 8’ square space. The space includes the provided display: one front display table with an area for a sign or logo, as well as an additional table and pegboard display with pegs and shelves which can be moved around to fit products.

  • Since display is provided, are we allowed to bring any of our own display?

If additional display is wanted or needed, it must be approved by Ramble Mini Market owners, Ryan & Kathryn Hager. We are not providing racks for clothing, so all clothing vendors must bring one rack for display.

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