about us

We are opening up a new space next door to our store & calling it the Ramble Mini Market. This space houses a small pop-up market for various makers, artists, small business owners, and more. Our hope is to create a space that will highlight and introduce new products and items to our area, as well as all the traffic that funnels through here. We currently sell local and non-local items in addition to our tees at our store, but with a high demand for more vendors as our downtown area continues to grow, we have decided to renovate and install this market next door.

The difference between our new space and the store is that the vendors and businesses will be changing more frequently. We are welcoming local vendors as well as vendors from all over. We know how wonderful your products are & we are so anxious to introduce them to our area. We are planning to have a soft opening on July 4th (you do not have to be present) and our grand opening on July 11th which is our Art Walk night—a huge event for our storefront and town. Thousands of people come to our store and we desire to offer them new things to shop and experience.