creative coaching  |  ramble and company | by Kathryn Hager


creative coaching is a fun and strategic collaboration where we will work together to help you identify what you are really looking to achieve, set goals to work towards, come up with a plan, and help you execute it.

Coaching requires your work and commitment to deeply explore and consider what might be holding you back. It’s important that you take the time to determine goals that are truly meaningful to you for each session.

All coaching sessions are confidential and 100% catered to your needs.

more about the coach

Kathryn hager, co-owner and founder of ramble and company will be leading each coaching session. She will use her 9+ years of experience running a small business, opening a store front, and launching & selling multiple new products as a road map to help you take control and coach you to success.

coaching can serve many different purposes—maybe you need a confidential conversation to bounce ideas and create a plan, maybe you are a wanting to launch a product and aren’t sure of the steps to make it happen, maybe you are in a growth phase and needing help on which steps to take next. wherever you are in your business, kathryn’s coaching can help you goal set and create a plan., Blanc+Blush2017 ©

let’s work together

single coaching session - $125

  • (1) 60 minute facetime session

complete coaching session - $400

  • (4) 60 minute facetime sessions

  • one per week

  • weekly guide and content to walk you through preparing for each session

  • recommended to ensure success and commitment

important to know

these coaching sessions are primarily designed to help you succeed. you will be doing the work and I will be coaching you along the way to ensure you are confident. I will help you prioritize any common themes and obstacles. I will provide an outline for each session, but what we discuss is completely up to you.

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